Socks & Photo Questions

#1 How can I ensure I send you a good photo?

There are a few main factors that you need to pay attention to so you take a good photo,suitable for your socks with faces:

  1. Take the photo in a well lit area - good lighting will ensure that the face is seen well on the photo. Make sure that there isn’t too much light shining on the face though - you don’t want to overexpose it. Also avoid tinted artificial lighting as it will give an orange/yellow hue to your photos.
  2. Full face - ensure that you get the full face of the person or pet in the photo so we can crop it with the desired quality. 
  3. Keep the photo in focus - avoid blurry photos. You need all the features of the face to be clearly visible as they will shrink even further once printed on the socks.
  4. Good resolution - use the standard resolution on your camera or phone camera, without compressing the image before sending it to us. 

#2 How many faces can you print on a pair of socks?

When you order a pair of socks, we can include up to 3 unique faces per pair. You can upload a separate image for each face or one image with all the faces. There’s a charge of $5 added to your order for each additional face

#3 My photo has more than one person or animal on it, how do I let you know who I want on the socks?

If your photo has a bunch of different people or animals on it and you only want specific ones to be featured on the socks (we only allow up to 3 unique faces per a pair), please leave a note in the "order note" field at checkout. Our design team reads every note and will make sure to design your socks just like you want them.

We will reach out via email to clarify in case we have any questions about your specific wishes. 

#4 Do I need to crop my photo to the right size before sending it to you?

No, you don’t need to do that - leave it all to our experienced in-house design team. We will only use the face itself and all other unnecessary details will be cropped out. All you need to do is follow our photo guidelines and send us a high-quality, head-on shot and leave the rest to us. Please specify if you want to keep (or crop) any accessories on the face - hat, scarf, ribbon, etc.

#5   Can I see a mock-up of what my socks will look like before I finalise my order?

Unfortunately we do not have the system in place at the moment to provide such a service at the point of ordering. Our designers work to very high quality standards so if your photo doesn’t meet the required criteria, we’ll reach out to you for a new one. We want you to love your socks so we’ll make sure we give you a fabulous design!

#6 What if my photo has a famous person/character or logo on it?

Copyright and trademark laws forbid us to print images of celebrities, characters (e.g. Disney cartoon characters) or any other copyrighted images such as symbols, logos, icons and other famous trademarks that you are not the owner of. In case you have permission, please let us know in the “order note” field and we’ll get back to you in case we need to clarify the issue.

#7 What is the best way to wash my socks?

Our socks are made of comfortable and durable material that feels really soft on your skin. To keep these qualities we recommend you wash them inside-out in cold water and keep the tumble dryer on low. It’s best to use mild detergent and avoid fabric softeners and dryer sheets. You can wash your socks with other clothing without affecting its quality.

#8 Will the printed faces change over time?

You can rest assured that the printed faces will not fade, crack or change over time if you follow our washing and aftercare. The printing method we used is ‘sublimation’ which means that we transfer the final face design onto the socks by using ink and heat. This means that only the ink is transferred to the fabric and there’s no sticky feeling, the ink will not scratch or peel as it becomes part of the material.

Ordering & Paying

#9 What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards as wелл as PayPal.

#10 What if I’m not sure which product to order as a gift?

If you’re not sure what to order for your friends or family, you can always buy them a gift card. We offer gift cards starting from $10 and up to $100 and you can order as many as you want. Please keep in mind that we don’t issue refunds for gift cards.

Shipping, Delivery & Returns

#11 When can I expect my socks to be delivered to me?

Once you place your order we aim to get it processed, designs, printed and shipped to you within 1-3 days. The delivery then takes between 3 to 7 days for the USA and 7 to 14 days for International orders. We only offer Standard Shipping terms for all deliveries therefore please plan accordingly especially around the holiday season.

#12 How much do I pay for shipping?

Shipping is based on the number of items you order. In the USA the cost is $6.99 for the first item, and $3 for each additional item. If you live overseas, the cost will be $10 for all international orders and $5 for each additional item delivered abroad. Please contact us for bulk orders and we’ll give you a quote based on the amounts you’re buying.

#13 I don’t live in the USA, can I still order and have my socks delivered to my address?

Yes, our shipping partners deliver to every location internationally so rest assured that wherever you live we can deliver to you.

#14 Can I change my shipping address?

Yes, if your order hasn’t been processed and dispatched yet, it’s possible to change your shipping address. Contact us as soon as possible and we’ll arrange the rest.

#15 Can I return an item if I’m not happy with it?

Yes, we have a 30 days returns and exchange policy. If you want to qualify for a return, your item must be unused, unopened (in the original packaging) and in mint condition - just as you received it. To find out more about how to proceed with refunds, please look at our Refunds Policy.

#16 Are any items not eligible for returns?

Yes, all gift cards and sale items are non-refundable. The same is valid for items that have been damaged after delivery.