About us

We Turn Simple Socks Into Fun Masterpieces!

Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas holidays, graduations, promotions…There is always a reason to get a gift for your loved ones. The problem is that the gift list may be endless, but your gift ideas aren’t!
Every time you want to buy someone a gift, you spend hours trying to come up with something special, only to end up getting another boring set of pajamas that will probably spend the rest of their lives hidden in the back of a drawer.
There Must Be A Better Way!
Who would have thought that the answer is… socks!
Of course, we are not talking about regular, boring socks.
Welcome To Sockswithfaces – The Socks That Make Happy Faces! 
At Sockswithfaces, we work hard to offer you the unconventional and unique gift you are looking for.
We make personalized socks with your face or the face of your loved ones on them, and we can even print a special message! Our goal is to make this simple piece of clothing a gift that nobody would expect, yet once they get it, it will be their favorite!
Nobody Will Suspect It – And Their Joy Will Be Even Greater!
We believe that you can find love and laughter even in the weirdest things. That’s why we take something as dull as socks and create unique and hilarious gifts that will make your loved ones ecstatic!
From funny pics of your pets to your kid’s favorite memes, and from romantic messages to super-cute family photos, our socks will become the canvas for your next great gift idea!
Everyone Deserves A Pair Of Epic Personalized Socks!
Here, at Sockswithfaces, not only people deserve to put their faces on socks. Cats and dogs are also more than welcomed! Print your fluffy friend on a pair and have the perfect gift for you or your friends with pets!
Stay tuned because more customized categories are coming. We don’t want to give away too much, but if your uncle’s birthday is coming, we may have something in mind!
Find The Gift You Need In Our Collection – Or Contact Us To Create The Gift You Want!